QUAD Musikwiedergabe knows about the ideas behind each QUAD Electrostatic

"When we work on your unit we try to get it back to its original specs. When we replace parts we of course have nothing against contemporary replacements, offering better quality. But we try to keep the general design untouched in its quality and don't trust too much in modifications.”

You can bring in all original ESLs and also the newer Chinese models.

QUAD Musikwiedergabe has a long-time experience in building electrostatic panels for the original QUAD ESL. To reach the original specs which “creates” the wonderful natural sound we all love, we carefully produce every single mechanical part of the panels and also use the original Mylar material for the membranes.

Using the original jig (Peter Walker designed back in the 1950s) to strengthen the membrane, QUAD Musikwiedergabe makes sure the membrane will “swing” for many years to come.

Another important point is the membrane coating. Nowadays it is a multilayer construction which benefits in the right conductivity and at the same time protects the conductive layer.

QUAD Musikwiedergabe not only produces the electrostatic panels but also virtually all parts of the original QUAD ESLs. This means we can refurbish any ESL back to new condition. It doesn't matter in what condition you bring them in. Providing all parts also means there is no need for you to bring in a used pair first. In case you don't own one you just can place an order for a newly-made pair.

QUAD electronics:
We are often asked whether we will continue to take over the service of the classic QUAD electronics components. We understand well if you want to continue using your beloved devices. Or if you want to reactivate your old devices after a long break in the basement or in the storage facility. Then memories of earlier times come up and of course the wish to hear your favorite music from earlier times like "live" again.

In such cases we are happy to help with our experience. In nearly all cases the old QUAD power amplifiers in particular can be restored, even after more than half a century. We easily can bring them back to there original specs, ready to „sing“ for you fort he decades to come. This is not always the case with preamps. The preamplifiers were intended for the source devices from that time. If you want to use a modern CD player, a digital source, or if you want tot o replace the pickup of your turntable against a new one, it makes sense to adapt them to modern times. In addition, they often used mechanical components for which it is not possible to find good enough replacements today.

To put it briefly: in some cases it is right and sensible to switch to a modern device. This is precisely why your favorite music will sound like "live" in the end. This way your classical QUAD music system will be suitable for everyday use again. This means, even after more than half a century you can benefit from your decision to by a Quad music system long ago. Talk to us. We are happy to give you advices and show up the best way to reactivate your classical music system and supplement it in a contemporary way. „for the closest approach tot he original music“

We love to meet you!

People at QUAD Musikwiedergabe are ready to help you. Just drop us an email or call us. Or even better, visit us and see how we work.

In case you give us a call in advance we organize a guided tour and let the electrostatics sing for you …

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