The heart for elektrostatics beats in "The German Highlands"

No matter if you prefer the original models ESL57 and ESL63 or if you go for the „contemporary“ models like the ESL57 QA and the ESL63 QA. QUAD electrostatics are timeless and produce a wonderful natural sound.

QUAD ESL63 electrostatics

ESL63 – The professional The first ESL63`s has been built early in the 80`s of last century....

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ESL 2912 – the latest version of an electrostatic produced by IAG China The latest version of the...

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ESL63 QA electrostatics

ESL63 QA – The statement The ESL63 QA delivers the original ESL63 in a contemporary...

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Subwoofer QA

Subwoofer QA – The Base Good subwoofers complement inconspicuously. As with other valuable things...

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QUAD ESL63.2 QA electrostatics

The ESL63.2 QA - the reference What began as a pure “custom made project” has developed into an...

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QUAD ESL57 electrostatics

The ESL57 - The Original Since Peter Walker launched the his first Quad ESL in the mid 50`s of...

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Braun LE1 electrostatics

Braun LE1 – Bauhaus style One of the most important professors at the Ulm university, product...

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motor stand QA

Motorstand QA – The solution Keep your electrostatics small when you don`t use them or while you...

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ESL63 QA „Desk Top" electrostatics

ESL63 QA – The Desk Top solution The ESL63 QA Desk Top is a wonderful solution as rear...

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