Tradition comes from change

Manfred Stein - CEO QUAD Musikwiedergabe

Tradition comes from change

Knowing that tradition can only come into being as a result of constant change, further thinking and new young knowledge, we keep our doors wide open.

"What we do was developed decades ago in England and yet it endures today and in the future. For me as CEO and owner, it's great to see how new knowledge and young thinking supports and changes the work of QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE "

Sometimes - very rarely - designers of technical objects of everyday use succeed in coming up with a really great design, which is later described as ingenious or epoch-making. Oscar Barnack, for example, who created the Leica in 1924; or Peter Walker, who developed the QUAD electrostat in 1957. There are many parallels between these two outstanding products. Both have become indispensable objects of use in the hands of professionals as well as interested amateurs. And both were so ingeniously designed from the start that they could not be improved upon even over the course of decades.

For many years, QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE has been working to preserve QUAD products. In a small factory in the Eifel, not far from the Nürburgring, QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE restores the QUAD electrostats developed and built long ago in England. This is also where new, cutting-edge transducers are created. Each one completely rebuilt, but always based on a long-standing original. Our customers find this charming and cool. For us, it is a small contribution to not polluting our environment unnecessarily with ever new consumer products.

In recent years, a lot of new knowledge and thinking has come into our company. The signs are good that the tradition will continue for a long time.
We are looking forward to your visit. If you announce your visit shortly beforehand, you can be inspired by a tour of our factory.