The contemporary Solution

The ARTERA Play + combines tradition with contemporary digital technology

The optimal adaptability to the sources at the time always was a stong benefit of classic QUAD preamplifiers.Like hardly anyone QUAD met exactly the technical details which combined the highest possible sound with a reasonable pricing.
We can call the ARTERA + the contemporary version of QUAD`s classic devises. Digital inputs incl. USB prepared to use DSD files; 2 analog inputs, bluetooth input, volume control, a very good CD transport plus symmetric and assymetric analog outputs. Everything packed in a mechanically stable housing.

Technical details: Dimensions: W x H x D 320 x 110 x 320mm; 2 analog inputs;digital inputs incl. USB, bluetoth,  symmetric and assymetric output; AC voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz

Price: 1699€ incl. VAT

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