Quad, a music system for sophisticated people.

The invention and development of the gramophone and the wireless network have certainly contributed more to the richness of our lives than any other of man's recent discoveries. Music playing with just one click. For people with a serious interest in music, for whom owning equipment is a means to an end rather than an end in itself, Quad is the ideal solution, confirmed by thousands of satisfied Quad owners. For the serious music listener, a Quad music system offers a level of emotional and intellectual satisfaction. Only a few people are fortunate enough to have unlimited access to live performances by first-class orchestras, so a music system made by Quad Musikwiedergabe makes a very positive contribution to the enjoyment of music. The enormous wealth of recorded material allows to become familiar with definitive performances of the more popular repertoire and provides access to works that, for one reason or another, rarely appear as the repertoire of modern orchestras.

A Quad music system consists of an amplifier and speakers to which a turntable, CD player or digital source is added, depending on the listener's choice. The Quad system is designed to reproduce the input signal as accurately as possible, adding nothing, taking nothing away. The performance of a Quad music system is readily apparent to anyone willing to listen, but the appreciation of the real value of an investment in Quad grows steadily over time. Quad has achieved a pre-eminence in music reproduction that makes Quad system ownership the aspiration of those who seriously listen to music. The Quad philosophy is simply "For the closest approach to the original sound". Every Quad product and sound engineering is based on this guiding principle. In an industry where product design seems to be driven only by short-lived fashion, Quad products set an example of what can be achieved through proper attention to fundamentals, engineering and ergonomics. For people with an interest in music for whom owning a music system is more a means to an end than ownership itself is important, QUAD offers the right solution. This opinion is shared and proven by people from all over the world.

There is no substitute for good advice. Remember, at Quad Music Playback, we share your interest. Do not hesitate to ask us for help or advice. If you can't visit us in the Eifel, you can reach us by phone or mail.