Always beeing on fire, working here at QUAD Musikwiedergabe, for the hifi equipment of our customers. Wether refurbishing old items, or development for custom-build  devices.

Your treasuries are here in the right hands.

Our team of QUAD Musikwiedergabe.


  • Technik / Marco: Here is the point where all the experience and knowledge turns into products. In house produced electrostatic panels and a number of mechanical parts find together under the hands of Marco. To end up with a quality proved product it is not only necessary to have all needed technical skills but also experience in doing all the small details which make the product.

  • electrostatic panel production / Bernd: Tradition and a proved way to do the right steps made us to what we are today. Bernd takes care of all mechanical steps to get the stators produced and the membranes stretched with the help of the original jig. Bernd also is involved in the testing process of the panels.

  • Office, bookkeeping, annual reports / Uschi & Elke: Even in a small company the paperwork is important. Uschi takes care of all the paperwork behind the curtain. She knows for what we spend our money and who is paying our invoices. Elke prepares our annual reports. Something which need to be done to plan our financial structure and future projects.

  • Photography / Richard: Richard helps us to get the products placed in the right light. As a fotographer with great experience he works in our in-house photo studio. Even if that all happens in a way “behind the curtain” of our day business, it is most important to get you informed on our web page , in our web shop or just to help you with a picture of a special product.

  • Sales and marketing / Manfred: “Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to carrying the fire”. That’s what Manfred lives for. As our CEO Manfred also takes care about all small bits and pieces to make sure QUAD Musikwiedergabe will be doing well in the years to come.

  • Contractor companies / woodwork and metal: A number of well established contractor companies produce all the small mechanical parts we need to get the the electrostatics made. They combine both, handmade experienced based and computer supported 3D printing and CNC production.

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We live and produce the original QUAD-Sound in the “German highlands“, in the middle between Nurburgring and Koblenz. Feel free to use the Google trip planner, to find your route to us.