Used correctly, the electrostatic can radiate amazingly far downwards. Frequencies in the range of 40 or 50 Hz are possible with an astonishing level and with the usual high precision. In the vast majority of cases, the use of additional subwoofers is therefore not necessary, even if the reproduction demands are high.

For those who demand more from authentic music reproduction, QUAD Musikwiedergabe has developed the QA subwoofer. Realised in a comparatively unobtrusive round cabinet, the Subwoofer QA delivers frequencies above 18 Hz and thus provides the foundation of the music. There are not many acoustic instruments that produce sounds at this low frequencies. Often there are only a few information that far down, but if they are transmitted correctly, they can make a significant contribution. Usually, it is not about these low frequencies themselves, but rather about what our brain "conjures", when it is "triggered" by our ear. Suddenly, voices sound even more authentic, creating an even more realistic illusion reminiscent of concert reproduction. QUAD Musikwiedergabe supplies the subwoofer QA as a pair, one for each channel, together with a crossover including DSP for the bass response. If you are interested, simply click on our product pages.

But there is even better!

It turned out to be a real stroke of luck that a certain audio technology’ development was brought to QUAD Musikwiedergabe, with which the transmission range of an electrostatic could be ideally extended downwards.

After just a few listening sessions, it was clear that this is more than just a simple addition. Used correctly, the result is a transducer system that reproduces music as homogeneously and naturally as never experienced before. The idea of it goes way back to 1959 and in rudiments even back to 1929. Later, this technology was further developed by the French Lacroix. In Patrick Marchandot the idea finally found a passionate designer, who manufactures the PureLow LO subwoofer in his own workshop. Today Patrick owns the manufacturing rights.

A flat diaphragm similar to the electrostatic one, is driven electrodynamically. Eventhough the manufacturing effort which is required to realise the rather simple sounding idea is enormous, but the result is impressive definitely worth it. When Patrick presented the result of his work to QUAD Musikwiedergabe, it became clear straight away. Together with the PureLow Subwoofer, QUAD Musikwiederhabe is able to offer a transducer system that will delight music lovers with the highest demands. For the closest approach to the original sound.

Download Test in HiFi + (PDF)