FLOAT QA magnetostatic - the universal one

Just like with the original, there is also a slightly cheaper version of the current FLOAT QA in addition to the electrostatic version, ready to use at any 6,3mm headphone out. 

With its planar ribbon drivers, we have also spend this FLOAT QA a very thin, extremly light membrane with nearly no mass. The magnetostatic FLOAT QA can be connected directly to any standard headphone output. Magnetostatic transducers nearly do have the same natural sound of really good electrostatic systems, but they are far superior to practically all dynamic transducers. Because no special power supply is required, they can be used universally and are comparatively inexpensive. The FLOAT QA magnetostat is the only one that contains the legendary "Jecklin advantages". Completely open sound image. No circumaural shell.

Detail images Float QA

  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-1
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-2
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-3
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-4
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-5
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-6
  • FLOAT-QA-Magnetostat-7

Technical details:

Weight 590g;
two magnetostatic transducers;
self-supporting bracket with a large adjustable headband;
4m connection cable with Neutrik 6.3mm connector;

Price: 1190€ incl. German VAT.
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