Vena II – for all analog and digital sources incl. Bluetooth

The new Vena II is the ideal all in one solution for customers who want a smart musicsystem.

For all who want to connect a CD Player, but also expect a way to add an existing computer and/or a smartphone for easy listening via Bluetooth, the Vena II is the contemporary QUAD solution. The built in main amplifier makes the Vena II an ideal all in one solution.

Technical details: Dimensions W x H x D 300 x 90 x 280mm; digital and analog inputs incl. Phono MM, output: main amp 2 x 45 Watt, analog pre out, digital out; remote control, ; AC voltage: 100/120V oder 220/230V 50-60Hz

Price:  890€ incl. German VAT

In case you live outside the EU ask for your export price excl. VAT.
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