Elite QMP Mono Amplifier

The current dumping design makes the QMP the contemporary version of the famous 405, designed by QUAD UK back in the 70`s of last century. Today consequently designed as a mono amp.

The Elite QMP is a by-product of the earlier 909 Mono with enhancements distinctly noticable in amplifier construction and circuitry, and is capable of producing an accurately balanced XLR Moreover; the new Elite QMP now incorporates 'current dumping' allowing for a cleaner, more versatile performance.
The QMP is designed as a mono Power Amplifier, means you should buy two of them for the use in a Stereo system.

Technical details:
Design Philosophy And Core Technology Current Dumping; Output Power 260W RMS, 8 Ohms;; Frequency Response     10Hz - 50kHz (+/-1dB);
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.005% at 100W, 1kHz, <0.05% at 100W, 20kHz; Signal to Noise Ratio     >105dB (20Hz - 20kHz); Input Sensitivity (RCA) 845mV (for max output);
Input Impedance (RCA) 15 kOhms; Input Sensitivity 2.0V (for max output); Dimension (H x W x D)     184 x 319 x 312mm

Price: 1590€ each, incl. VAT

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