Thankful that our team is allowed to work during the pandemic, QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE is still open for you …

Especially in times like these, one's own house or private apartment becomes the center of life.  Spend time with the family and have the freedom to pursue your hobby.  Listen to music.  Just the right time to fulfill your dream of new speakers.  It does not matter whether you have been thinking about new loudspeakers for a long time or whether you are visiting our website right now for the first time.  You can place an order spontaneously in our shop.  Or send us an email and briefly describe your project.

In case of service, we would be happy to come to you and take over the transport of your electrostatic units either personally or with the help of our forwarding agent.

You can reach us by phone on 02654 987977 or (even better)  using the contact form.