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Already in planning - the QUADfest 2019

On Saturday, September 14., 2019, QUAD friends from all over Europe will meet again at the headquarters of QUAD Musikwiedergabe in the Eifel.

The QUADfest, which meanwhile has become a tradition, will take place on a Saturday from 9am to 6pm. This way, even far-traveled visitors with overnight stays will have the opportunity to use the Sunday for a hike in the Eifel.

Of course everything revolves around QUAD electrostatics. 10 years ago, QUAD Musikwiedergabe transformed the proven English development ESL63 into a technically and optically suitable solution for modern living spaces and named it ESL63QA. Currently we are bussy implementing an electrostatic solution (projectname: ESL-Future”) for larger rooms. There is a good chance to listen to the prototype at the QUADfest.

Our smallest electrostatic ESL63QA "DeskTop", presented 2 years ago, has become a wonderful solution especially for small rooms. At this year's QUADfest you will hear the ESL63QA "DeskTop" in a complete solution including motor base and dipole subwoofer.

In addition to all the novelties, we have decided to use traditional, long-proven, technology as sources. Analog turntables. And because this technique, which was developed decades ago, is currently very much in vogue, in addition to proven tonearm technology from EMT and SME, you will also hear outstanding modern-day analogue players from EINSTEIN and THALES (Switzerland).

We are particularly pleased to have a well-known music connoisseur and vinyl specialist in this year. With Thomas Fenn (Fenn Music, Dassendorf) we have found a veteran of the music industry. For more than 40 years in business, own record label, countless jazz and classical LP's in sales, specialties, At the QUADfest Thomas Fenn will have many, many vinyls in his luggage. Secure your long-sought PL`s at the QUADfest. Sale starts at 9 o'clock in the morning.

The main thing at every QUADfest it`s you. Our customers and music lovers who are interested in "handmade" products. Make the QUADfest your event and bring your favorite music as a black disc. Even if we may not play all the records, this will certainly lead to exciting discussions about music and technology.

Discussions about music and technology will also be the topic at our "QUADmaltisch". A discussion table to have a chat with others and with a paper pad for writing, drawing and sketching. Felt-tip pens are ready. You and your ideas are welcome.

"HENK`s room". Henk Hompert has been involved since the first QUADfest. Growing up with QUAD, lover of the old technology, music fan. This year, Henk gets his own room, he plays vinyls, tells about the good old days of analog technology and promised also to have ready a tape machine. Immerse yourself into the beautiful old days, the beginning of good music reproduction, in the heyday of QUAD UK.

And as every year there is also something to eat, Kölsch and a good glas of Riesling wine. Already a thank you to the helpers behind the scenes.

We love to meet you!

People at QUAD Musikwiedergabe are ready to help you. Just drop us an email or call us. Or even better, visit us and see how we work.

In case you give us a call in advance we organize a guided tour and let the electrostatics sing for you …

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