Solidarity with the people of Ukraine


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What is currently happening in Ukraine, not so far away from Germany, does not leave us untouched at QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE.
Bombed-out cities, people fleeing from the war. The misery is unimaginable. We see it every day on television and have to accept it powerlessly.

aid for Ukraine
image: © IsraAID
Regardless of any political position, we all have one thought in common: the people in Ukraine must be helped!
That is why we are now starting a fundraising campaign together with our customers.
aid for Ukraine
image: © Malteser/Ukraine
For every purchase from the product group "Electrostatics", QUAD Musikwiedergabe will donate 400,- €.
The donations are given into serious hands. The transaction is handled by "Aktion Deutschland Hilft e. V.".
Perhaps you were already planning to do your ears some good with a pair of electrostatic loudspeakers. Now is the opportunity to do something good for the people in Ukraine at the same time.
The donation will be made in your name and you will receive a correct donation receipt.
Simply get in touch with us. By email or even by phone call.
We look forward to your support and would like to take this opportunity to say: Thank you very much!

Yours, Manfred Stein