ESL custom made

‘ESL custom made’ very special electrostatics, which are created by QUAD Musikwiedergabe

We are able to develop and provide either unique productions for individual QUAD lovers or special solutions to achieve specific technical requirements. Sometimes those solutions lead to small series. The trigger is either a request brought to us or the implementation of an internally matured idea.


ESL63.2 QA mit Bass


For our latest idea of an electrostatic transducer we have set our demands particularly high!

We wanted the new ESL to be big in order to be able to cope even with high demands in large rooms.
The new ESL is made for playing with fine resolution with the capability of naturally placing a voice or the fine sound of individual acoustic instruments in a room. As an independent eye-catcher, the new ESL also convinces with its design. To obtain all acoustical demands, the new ESL is supposed to be positioned in a certain height above the floor. Therefore the new ESL comes including a motorized and remote controlled stand.
Result of these high demands is the new ESL63.2 QA .



Just as used for the ESL63 QA, the redesigned frame holds the electrostatic transducers accurately and rigidly in their correct positions. For each ESL we use 6 electrostatic transducer units. The 146.5 cm high main frame is held by back with a special mechanism, optically floating, supported by a motor base. At the touch of a button, the sound radiating part of the speaker moves to the preferred listening position. Every ESL63.2 QA is made by hand. The wood or lacquer surfaces are manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

During the development process, we experienced a stroke of luck, in which we learned about how to extend the frequency range of an electrostatic transducer further down to the real bass section.

We quickly realised that this addition might be a fundamental change towards a new era.

Never before  were we able to listen to music which sounds homogeneously and naturally reproduced like it does with this new loudspeaker-setup. The manufacturing expenses, time and work, which is used to build the ‘Infraplanar’ by  the french ‘Lacroix’ are immense. But this also means that the final product is extremely valuable. Nowadays the production rights are handed over to Patrick Marchandot. He is a music-loving person, who has been using QUAD electrostatics for many decades.
Patrick is building the Infraplanar precisely while taking good care of it. When he came to us, to introduce us to his work, we didn’t have to think twice.

Together with the Infraplanar, we are able to offer music enthusiasts exactly what they are looking for : a loudspeaker-setup which convinces with quality! For the closest approach to the original sound.

Price on request

If you are interested in the technical details or just would like to listen to the new acquisition, let us know and contact us via email.