Manfred Stein

The QUAD electrostatic speaker ESL produces such a faithfully real sound that for 60 years QUAD has been synonymous with the phrase For the Closest Approach of the  Original Sound€¯. Together with the later ESL63, Peter Walker developed  the two very best electrostatics ever.

When QUAD UK decided in 1996 to terminate the production of its initial model ESL57, QUAD Musikwiedergabe (their German representative at that time) took over  the necessary tools to Germany. First they started manufacturing the  major spare parts for this speaker, but soon the production was extended to virtually all parts of QUAD ESLs which are not anymore in production in the UK.

Today QUAD Musikwiedergabe keeps the true story alive. They also produce the  famous Jecklin FLOAT QA electrostatic headspeakers plus a range of very  useful units to get the electrostatics sing in your livingroom. They  take direct orders and deliver around the globe